How to Pick the Best Training Split | ETP#13
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How to Pick the Best Training Split | ETP#13

In today's episode we are talking all things training splits. What type of training split might be best suited for beginners, or for more advanced training ages? What factors outside of the gym might impact which training split could work best for you right now. We discuss our current training splits, some of our favorites we have used, as well as common splits we personally find we do not like much.

Additionally we cover brief explanations of some of the most popular training splits you are likely to come across:

A. Traditional Bro Splits. Training each muscle once per week.
B. The Upper / Lower Split. Commonly repeated twice or more per week.
C. Push, Pull, Legs. Commonly repeated once weekly for a 6 day split.
D. Upper, Lower, Push, Pull, Legs. Hits each muscle group twice, providing a 5 day per week split.
E. Full Body. 3-5+ times per week.

Bonus Questions:

1. How should rest days be adjusted for different splits

2. Is there a specific number of optimal reps for any given training split?
Or are rep ranges specific to desired stimulus like strength, hypertrophy, endurance etc.?

3. What is the best split for sports performance?

4. What is our favorite upper back exercise?

5. How would you structure split if you have an injury that limits upper body?

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