Episode 169: Make a Bad Day Better
Getting to Good Enough · 19 minutes ·

Episode 169: Make a Bad Day Better

Everyone has a bad day some time. On the day we recorded this episode, Janine was experiencing a bad day that left a dark cloud hanging over her head. Shannon was able to make suggestions that helped her (and can help you) make a bad day better.

Discussion topics include:

• How it's possible to reset bad day
• Janine's terrible, horrible, no good very bad day
• Taking a step back during a bad day and looking on the bright side
• Wallowing vs trying to snap out of it
• "Yes, and..."
• The importance of acknowledging when something sucks; it allows your unconscious mind to feel gratitude
• Learning from our bad days
• Giving yourself a reset by moving your body and shifting your energy
• Getting in touch with what's important to you to help you get past a bad day
• The value of a good laugh on a bad day

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