NoDoorway 10
No Doorway Wide Enough · 40 minutes ·

NoDoorway 10

In this episode of No Doorway Wide Enough, we see how Parkinson's disease begins to affect my driving skills and my ability to get to and from my job in mid-2009.  And we start delving into the world of REM Sleep Behavior Disorder and the wacky dreams it causes.

Don't forget, you can find hard copies of this book at: (Hardcover, paperback and eBook -- 15% off until 8/15/2010 -- details on my website) (Hardcover, paperback and Kindle)

Barnes & Noble (Hardcover, paperback and eBook)

Books-A-Million (Hardcover, paperback and eBook)

Createspace (Paperback)

Smashwords (various eBook formats)

And 100% of all author proceeds go to PD research. 

Please visit me at Parky Bill's Parkinson's Place for more information!

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