NoDoorway 16
No Doorway Wide Enough · 34 minutes ·

NoDoorway 16

In this, the pentultimate episode, I start with the speech therapy.  I share my toughts on whether or not drowning in iced tea is a good way for a man to die.  Then I share some of the untold benefits of working at home, and I wondered aloud about the lack of Parkinson's Disease Awareness during Parkinson's Disease Awareness month and the reasons for it.

One more episode to go!  Remember, you can get hard copies at practically every online bookstore, as well as through my website -- or

Every nickel I make from this book is donated to the National Parkinson Foundation and the Charles DBS Research Fund at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  Either donate through Podiobooks or buy a copy, and help find a cure for this bastard of a disease.

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