My Thoughts on The Lockdown
Lead by Example · 18 minutes ·

My Thoughts on The Lockdown

So Toronto has entered another Lockdown, some people are cool with it others are not. Personally I do not agree with what is happening. I do not think it's right for government to interfere with our ability to make a living. This pandemic is real but the survival rate for people under 49 is 99.92% while those over 70 have a survival rate of 94.6% Most of the population is doing fine and will be fine even if they get infected. If you have feel that you should not go outside than to do not go outside, but don't get in the way of the people that want to go out and work. 

Also I am trying my best to improve the audio of this show, please be patient with me I am doing my very best. 

If you have any questions you can Email me @ [email protected]  

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