EXP Podcast #165: Digital Religion
The Experience Points Podcast · 54 minutes ·

EXP Podcast #165: Digital Religion

How do video games handle religion and spirituality?  It's a question that's been inspiring a fair amount of buzz. It's a big topic, so we decided to add a third seat on this week's show. Jorge and I are excited to welcome Richard Clark to the podcast.  Richard's a prolific writer who regularly tackles issues of religion and morality in video games.  As an added bonus, he's also an all around nice guy!  Be sure to check him out on Twitter, Kill Screen, Christ and Pop Culture, and Game Church.  As always, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. Thanks for listening!

Some discussion starters:

- What are some of your favorite examples of religion in games?

- What kind of game (e.g., open world, adventure, strategy, etc.) is most conducive to tackling questions of spirituality?Open world vs. scripted story for considering spirituality?

- Have you ever unexpectedly encountered religion/spirituality in a game?

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Show notes:

- Run time: 53 min 55 sec
- "How do games handle the divine?  Accidentally." by Yannick Lejacq, via Kill Screen
- "Video games are a good fit for theological exploration," by Brian Crecente, via The Verge
- "Capcom Videogame ‘Asura’s Wrath’ Draws Hindu Critics’ Wrath," by Sriram Vadlamani, via Tech Wire Asia
- "Study: Video games depict religion as violent and problematic (interview)," by Stefanie Fogel, via Venture Beat
- Music provided by Brad Sucks

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