EXP Podcast #41: Survey Said...Depression?
The Experience Points Podcast · 28 minutes ·

EXP Podcast #41: Survey Said...Depression?

The mainstream acceptance of video games is a relatively recent phenomenon, as is the scientific study of how games effect players.  When studies are conducted, it is important to examine them closely, as they can influence political decisions, social perceptions, and future research trends.  This week, we explore a study looking at gamers' physical and mental health.  We discuss some of the study's shortcomings and anticipate the ways in which future research can benefit the larger gaming community.  As always, we welcome your input so feel free to read through the articles and weigh-in with your comments.

Some discussion starters:

- What is the best way to organize the gaming community in a study?  Number of hours gaming?  Relative importance of gaming in someone's life?  Can we find any way to define what constitutes a "Video-Game" player?

- How do people utilize games to deal with problems in their life?  Are games something that attract a certain mental or physical profile?  Do games cause ill health or does ill health lead people to play games?

- What can games teach us in terms of our lifestyles?  How do games (even those that are not "serious") improve our lives?

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Show notes:

- Run time: 28 min 21 sec
- The Two Articles from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine can be found here, in the August 2009 press release section.  They are in PDF format.
- "Study: Average gamer is 35, fat and bummed," via MSNBC.com
- Music provided by Brad Sucks

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