Episode 8: Romantic Comedy anime - for starters
Let Me Explain... · 51 minutes ·

Episode 8: Romantic Comedy anime - for starters

 Sorry for the unexpected break in our schedule, we're back on track and don't plan on missing another week due to shenanigans without letting you guys know. This week, Brady and Cat start a mini-series called For Starters. For the next few weeks they'll be talking about a genre of anime and explaining it for those who are just getting into anime or those who want to get into anime.

This week, they're talking about RomComs, while Cat explains the normal shows, of course, Brady explains the more... questionable shows in the genre, and Brady has a bad time. 

Sorry about the Mic Quality of Cat's microphone, Windows updated and switched the default microphone, which is normally his good one. We'll make sure everything is good by next episode. 

Let Me Explain... is an edu-comedy podcast delving into and explaining geeky, nerdy and dorky subjects, debates and mainstays with your hosts Brady and Cat.

If you'd like to request a subject for Cat and/or Brady to review, you can email us at [email protected] or tweet us @explainpodcast

Intro & Outro: "Flight" by Tsundere Twintails. You can find more of their music on soundcloud.com/tsunderetwintails

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