Caring for Survivors of Human Trafficking, With Dan Emr
The Covenant Eyes Podcast · 32 minutes ·

Caring for Survivors of Human Trafficking, With Dan Emr

In this episode, we sit down with Dan Emr, Founder and Executive Director of Worthwhile Wear, to talk about:

  • How God called him to leave comfort and stability to help those enslaved.
  • The services Worthwhile Wear offers to combat a comprehensive problem.
  • How churches across the U.S. can be on the frontlines in caring for human trafficking survivors.
  • The need for education about human trafficking so victims can find safety.
  • The uphill battle survivors face when they do find safety.

More Information/Resources:

Website: Worthwhile Wear

The Facts About Human Trafficking

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Instagram: @WorthwhileWear

Instagram: @DanJEmr

Facebook: @WorthwhileWear

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