Episode (131) FRANKENSTEIN'S PODCAST Co-Hosts Joe Praska And Kalid Hussein
Eye On Sci-Fi Podcast · 45 minutes ·

Episode (131) FRANKENSTEIN'S PODCAST Co-Hosts Joe Praska And Kalid Hussein

In this special episode, host Rod Faulkner is joined by Joe Praska and Kalid Hussein, the co-hosts of FRANKENSTEIN’S PODCAST, a terrific podcast that examines seminal and iconic creatures and monsters from every corner of pop culture.

This episode, the guys discuss monsters and creatures from three outstanding genre series of 2020: Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts, Lovecraft Country, and The Mandalorian.

Topic Timestamps

Introductions: 02:08

Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts: 05:52

Lovecraft Country: 14:50

The Mandalorian: 23:48

What makes for an effective monster?: 30:59

Creature Feature Tribute Short REBOOTED: 36:46

Honorable Mentions: 38:31

The Tarask from Warrior Nun

Kelp Monster from Star Trek: Discovery, Season 3

The awesome weirdness that is WandaVision

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