This Preview Is F'd Up
F'd Up · 10 minutes ·

This Preview Is F'd Up

Effed Up Preview Recap
Written by Brandi Abbott

The beginning of this special preview episode is all about how Priya, Jess, and Keith became F’d up. We get a nice taste of Priya, Jess, and Keith’s chemistry together as well as a bit of backstory. They all worked together in Reality TV production, and clicked instantly. Priya and Jess knew they wanted to keep working together and more than that, they wanted to make their own shows and maybe change the world a little bit.

The idea for the podcast came to Priya when she was watching “The Staircase”, a true crime documentary series about the trial of Michael Peterson. Particularly, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) Crime Lab bloodstain pattern analyst, Duane Deaver piqued her interested as he seemed more interested in theatrics than forensic science. If you watched “The Staircase”, you know it eventually turns out that Deaver is full of shit, and Priya wanted to know how often something like this happens. She began researching the SBI Crime Lab, and it quickly became obvious that Duane Deaver was just the tip of the corruption iceberg - that there was a much larger issue with the entire system. “The Staircase” sort of touched on this when they quickly covered another man affected by Duane Deaver’s shoddy forensic science. The more Priya researched, the more she realized how much bigger the story was and how many people’s lives could have been (and were) affected.

Priya went to Jess and told her she had found their show. Jess was completely shocked at the extent of the corruption and they immediately tried pitching it as a television docuseries, but they realized that because of everything they wanted to do (expose corruption, and highlight issues with the SBI Crime Lab to hopefully enact change), F’d Up might be better suited as a podcast.

Plus, in doing a podcast they realized they could invite their friend Keith over and tell him eve-rything they learned. In this way, Keith will be hearing everything for the first time on the pod-cast and will be learning and gasping along with listeners.

Priya and Jess hint that there are a lot more F’d Up stories to come and we’re promised a sea-son of puns, true crime, cats, injustice, rosé and F’d Up forensic science.

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