Keto and Alzheimers
The Fat Fueled Family Podcast · 93 minutes ·

Keto and Alzheimers

Our guest this week is Toney Nikolatsopoulos. Born in San Antonio, and raised in Dallas, Texas, he spent almost a decade working across the country as a landman in oil, gas, and wind energy. Eventually finding his niche building and reviewing chain of title for land acquisition projects, building maps, and doing preliminary project due diligence. Unfortunately, by the end of 2011 it was becoming evident that his mother had already begun to move into the early stages of Alzheimer's / dementia. At 37, after much discussion with his wife, he left his career to become his mother's full-time caregiver. After nearly 6 months of following standard of care and dietary guidelines set forth by his mother's doctors and dietitians, she was only getting sicker and fatter. Using a strict ketogenic diet, within a year and a half, they shaved 150 lbs and 9 medications off of his mother. She remained on a strict ketogenic diet the end of 2017, when she started a carnivore diet. I had the honor of hearing Toney’s story firsthand 2 years ago at KetoCon, and it was one of those rare occasions where someone managed to get my eyes to bleed. We can’t wait to share his story with you all!


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