School of Lunch
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School of Lunch

This week we are joined by someone who you may have already heard on this podcast once before—she is joining us again today because we saw everything she was doing recently and wanted to give her an opportunity to share it with you all. Hilary Boynton is a certified holistic health counselor with a bachelor of psychology from the University of Virginia and trained at the institute for integrative nutrition. She is also the author of the bestselling Heal Your Gut Cook Book and the Head of Nutrition Services at The Manzanita School in Topanga, CA. After seeing the power of food as medicine with her own family, she passionately dove into the challenge of solving school lunches. After years of frustration, she decided it was time to roll up her sleeves and become the “Lunch Lady” herself. Returning her children’s school to an ancestral way of eating has eliminated dietary confusion and changed lives on all fronts! From the children and staff eating the lunches, to the farmers and purveyors raising, growing and supplying the food, to the dedicated lunch leaders lovingly preparing the lunches, her concept is so infused with love one can’t help but want in.

She believes a grassroots effort and bottom-up approach is where it’s at. Hilary is most proud to see this infuse into the children’s homes where this way of eating now becomes the norm, and people are once again valuing time spent around the table with family, locally sourced seasonal foods, and great conversation.


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