David Icke exposes the illusion of controlled perception and reveals the real-life Matrix simulation that’s enslaving humanity in episode 80 of the Far Out with Faust podcast. 

Legendary conspiracy realist and heavily-censored truth seeker David Icke delves into his compelling explanation of the enslavement simulation we're all living in — including exactly who’s in charge. 

Tune in to hear about his early days, as Icke shares how he was transformed from a UK footballer and BBC sports commentator into a crusader for spiritual freedom and existential knowledge. 

Three things the oppressors don’t want you to know:
Where the world is being taken and who’s taking us there, and Why?

What is real? We dive into the levels of consciousness and perception, as David explains how we are limited by what our 5 senses can perceive, and by the minuscule band of visible light that makes up an iota of a fraction of reality in the universe.

Don’t miss the detour into exactly what the real purpose of teaching kids to question their identity and obsess with labels instead of their own humanity.

Learn all about what it means to be relegated to the “postage stamp,” as Icke puts it. He reveals how we got here, and the diabolically ingenious way we’re kept in our tiny boxes.

But it’s not all doom and gloom: he’ll explain how to escape a low-vibrational state that’s operating from the mind and instead connect to the heart, and listen to our intuition. 

What is the limit to the simulation and how do we transcend it the way Neo did in the Matrix? Icke has the answer — don’t miss it!

What is 5G technology really doing? You’ll never think of WiFi the same way. 

Stay till the end to hear Icke’s essential advice for all of humanity — and what Alex Jones and JK Rowling have in common. Hint: it’s an absolutely fundamental right that’s being eroded before our eyes.

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Website: https://davidicke.com

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