Human Design, Divination & Seeking the Truth | Joel Rafidi & Yerasimos
Far Out With Faust (FOWF) · 71 minutes ·

Human Design, Divination & Seeking the Truth | Joel Rafidi & Yerasimos

@Here For The Truth podcast hosts  @Joel Rafidi   and Yerasimos Stilianessis beam in for episode 71 of Far Out with Faust. This truth-seeking duo specializes in inspiring consciousness, optimal health, self-realization and personal insight. 

Their Rise Above the Herd self-actualization course coaches curious knowledge seekers to become the most authentic version of themselves.

On the episode, we’re talking about the importance of grappling with conflicting ideas — not only to seek the truth but to embody it.

Synchronicity always plays a part — hear the stories of how they all met. Joel, also a musician, reveals his work with the divination arts. Listen in as he explains a bit about tarot, astrology, kabala and numerology and his association with Unslaved podcast host Michael Tsarion, of The Taroscopic Mystery School.

Though these three were all raised in different Christian traditions, their religious upbringings have some surprising commonalities. The questions get interesting: what is hell, really?

Joel and Yerasimos delve into the details of their 8 week course, which includes creating a  human design chart for each participant. In case you’re not familiar, it’s a system — also. called a BodyGraph — that incorporates Taoism, astrology, chakras, Kabbalah and physics. The chart, based on your birth date, time and place, provides profound insights into your body’s true nature. 

Faust takes a turn and mentions filmmaker Aaron Russo, a truth seeker who had ties to the Rockefeller family. Find out why we’re not supposed to be a democracy — and what the founding fathers instead intended. The problem today, the three agree, is this at we’ve been conditioned to believe we must always subvert ourselves for the greater good. But who’s greater good?

The three go far out toward the end, Joel talks about his crazy experience with his newborn daughter, and the time he saw a UFO. Yerasimos also shares some funny sleepwalking stories. Don’t miss Faust’s description of connecting with ETs through the CE5 work of Dr. Steven Greer.

Keep following down the rabbit hole as Faust discusses free energy and what happens to pioneers like the late Stan Meyer. He also explains to Joel and Yerasimos his theory of the impending false flag UFO operation.

Stay tuned till the end when the truth seekers share their ultimate book recommendations.
Yerasimos also shares a profound story of realizing his love for his parents during a plant ceremony in the jungle of Peru — don’t miss it.

Listen to Faust’s appearance on the Here for the Truth podcast:

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