Merpati Putih Energy Restores Vision to the Blind | Nate Zeleznick
Far Out With Faust (FOWF) · 83 minutes ·

Merpati Putih Energy Restores Vision to the Blind | Nate Zeleznick

Co-Founder of the Indonesian based Energy arts technique  @Vibravision , Nate Zeleznick, joins in for episode 73 of the Far Out with Faust podcast. Hear the fascinating story of how Nate and his brother Mike became the first non-Indonesians allowed to learn and train others in this ancient Martial Art - energy practice that actually helps the blind to see.

Vibravision is a hybrid energetic and martial arts practice that teaches a comprehensive system of meditation, movement, physical and energetic fitness, intense breathwork, inner power building, energy healing, vibration detection, and uncanny intuitive sensing. Merpati Putih was developed in the mid-1500’s by the Javanese Royal Family of the Mataram Kingdom as a secret system, and was initially only taught by the King to his heirs for over 400 years. 

Vibravision retrains previously dormant parts of the brain, allowing students to perceive the world in a whole new way using the brain and body’s ability to perceive vibrational energy about the physical environment. The technique combines specific physical exercise, deep transcendental meditation, and consciousness expansion practices.

Tune in as Nate shares his personal consciousness journey, including out of body experiences, near death experiences, and a lifelong fascination with martial arts. We’re talking about breaking steel with your bare hands — and being able to literally see without any eyes.

Faust and Nate bond over their mutual admiration for legends like Dr. Joe Dispenza, pineal gland pioneer, and Dr. Bruce Lipton, the founder of epigenetics. The two dive down the rabbit hole, riffing on quantum physics and the infinite universe. Case in point: our atoms have so much space between them, we barely exist.

When Faust asks Nate to go far out, he shares an incredible story of consciousness expansion. Spoiler alert: ever take ibogaine with a West African shaman?

As for final thoughts, how about this: it’s statistically impossible that we’re alone in the universe. Best we learn to perceive, understand, flow and project our energy in a way that restores our connection to everyone and everything.

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