Optimizing Health Through Brainwave Entrainment | Dr. Patrick Porter
Far Out With Faust (FOWF) · 63 minutes ·

Optimizing Health Through Brainwave Entrainment | Dr. Patrick Porter

On episode 58 of the Far Out with Faust podcast, we’re talking about the incredible power of brainwave entrainment with Dr. Patrick Porter, founder of BrainTap — the personal evolution technology that’s a favorite of biohacking experts, pro athletes and celebrities alike.

Try BrainTap today with this awesome 15-Day FREE Trial provided courtesy of Dr. Porter for Far Out With Faust Podcast listeners.

You might remember Dr. Porter from episode 13 of the podcast: he’s been researching and developing brain-optimizing technology to connect physical health, mental, and spiritual health since the 1980s.

We dive into the science and evolution of technology-driven meditation, in conjunction with the emerging data surrounding photobiomodulation (learn more from neurophysiologist Dr. Francisco Cidral in episode 54).

This isn’t new, btw: ancient civilizations began tapping into the power of introspection and light therapy through techniques like solar gazing long ago. Where BrainTap comes in: simplifying and speeding up the process while making it very convenient.

Learn about the clinical trials showing what the sages, medicine men, wisdom women, and mastics of old intuitively knew— courtesy of the great spiritual traditions — for years: meditation, infrared light, and the right frequencies of sound can create powerfully coherent and measurable changes within the brain and body.

Are you sitting down? Because the preliminary numbers show that BrainTap technology can reduce pain as well as synthetic opioids. Don’t miss Dr. Porter’s account of these incredible scientific studies that show a potential to revolutionize fields like pain management and sleep science.

Stay tuned to learn more about how meditation technology is more necessary now than ever — wink, wink — in this climate of fear and uncertainty, when our bodies are internalizing our perpetual anxiety.

Are we preventing our bodies from living as long — and as healthfully — as they’re designed to? Spoiler alert: you bet. You won’t believe what Dr. Porter says can happen to your brain after chronic exposure to cortisol (Stress). The good news? What was dismissed as woo-woo just decades ago is now scientifically quantifiable — and available to anyone who wants to access and cultivate this innate power can.

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