Reprogramming Fear into Freedom by Shifting Perception | Johan Cools
Far Out With Faust (FOWF) · 112 minutes ·

Reprogramming Fear into Freedom by Shifting Perception | Johan Cools

On episode 62 of the Far Out with Faust podcast, we meet Johan Cools, elite performance coach, researcher,  and mindset transformer who literally wrote the book on reprogramming fear into freedom. Cools — an architect by trade — spent 10 years as the city architect of Bruges, Belgium. After personal hardship led him to spend a decade researching the origin and treatment of cancer, Cools realized that it’s not a fault in our biology that’s causing chronic illness and subpar performance —but our modern lifestyle.

Now a performance coach and mindset expert, Cools has spent the last few years analyzing and contemplating how the elites and the mainstream media have capitalized on the powerful emotion of fear to create mass hysteria through false perception among much of the population. But this is far from conspiracy theory: we’re talking about quantifiable science.

Ever heard of FIFI the giraffe? You don’t want to miss what Cools has to say about how this ingenious creature evolved. Spoiler: it’s a long story (wink, wink).

We’re answering some of the most important questions of our time, including:
How has fear shaped our worldview — and allowed policymakers to blind us?
What is conscious ignorance?
How do you break a bad habit?

Stay tuned to hear about Johan’s theory of the six E’s — it’s an idea that applies to every single one of us.

If you’ve been wondering whether your friend, neighbor or loved one is under some kind of spell, here’s how to find out. We’re offering up the warning signs of mass psychosis — and what you can do about it. Spoiler alert: we're looking at you,   @Dr. Patrick Porter   (episodes 13 & 58) and Dr. Francisco Cidral (episode 54).

Stay till the end to hear about the revolutionary supplements (based on the 4th state of water) that Cools has been developing.

Explore the latest work of Johan Cools:

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