Secret Space Agenda & JFK Assassination Revealed | Robert Morningstar
Far Out With Faust (FOWF) · 95 minutes ·

Secret Space Agenda & JFK Assassination Revealed | Robert Morningstar

Civilian intelligence analyst, investigative journalist and psychology expert Robert Morningstar reveals NASA and JFK bombshells on episode 76 of the Far Out with Faust podcast. As a specialist in photo interpretation, geometric analysis and computer imaging with a degree in psychology from Fordham University, Robert is uniquely qualified to shed light on some of the biggest government cover ups and psy ops in history.

He’s studied the paranormal and UFOs for over 50 years and published many research exposing government cover-ups and in particular the deception applied in the JFK assassination. His work is cited in several major books on the JFK assassination.

Robert’s also an expert in Chinese language, history, and martial arts and is acknowledged as a Master of Yang family Tai Chi.

Faust and Robert dive straight into NASA’s conspiracy to cover up the truth about Mars by altering the photos (supposedly) taken by the Hubble Telescope. We’re answering all your questions:
Does Mars have an atmosphere?
Is there water on Mars?
Could there be life on Mars?

Then it’s off to the races, as Robert reveals some of the incredible secrets he’s uncovered about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In case you haven’t heard, he’s the one who discovered the missing frames from the infamous Zapruder film. 

Don’t miss as the two delve into the biggest “conspiracy theories” surrounding the death of JFK, including:
Who shot JFK?
How many times was JFK shot?
DId Oswald act alone?
Was J.D. Tippet’s body switched with the President’s?
Who tried to hire a hit man to kill JFK?
What does the Zapruder film prove?
What did Jackie Kennedy do when JFK was shot?

You won’t want to miss Robert’s treasure trove of information based on decades of research — including eyewitness interviews, video and photographic evidence, and declassified documents.

Stay till the end to hear his advice for the human race. 

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