Self-Realization in Art and Laughter | Guido Cocomello
Far Out With Faust (FOWF) · 96 minutes ·

Self-Realization in Art and Laughter | Guido Cocomello

Guido Cocomello, Professional Actor and Stand-Up Comedian, talks about lessons learned as a man and a dad on episode 70 of the Far Out with Faust podcast.

Cocomello was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. He trained with Academy Award winning actor Mike Nichols in NYC, where he met Faust, back in the day.

Come along for the ride while these two reminisce about old times and their shared love for spiritualists like Joe Dispenza.

Hear about their personal experiences striving to become more conscious as men and fathers, and how to lead by example. We’re talking about lessons learned from growing up with an Italian American father — and the power of healing and forgiveness. 

Cocomello says it’s all about turning seeking the meaning of everything into a game. You have a choice to make as you get older. 

Look at the difference between the older generation’s perspective regarding the medical industry and the new perspective. It’s not hard to understand why baby boomers regard allopathic medicine as a miracle. 

Hear Guido’s very amusing explanation of why the medical industry isn’t reliable. 

Listen in as they talk about how crazy the world has become, and how we can circle it all back to The Godfather ;-)

Faust and Guido divulge all their favorite soothsayers: Alex Jones, Joe Rogan, Russell Brand. The ones who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. 

Hear their suggestions for how to fix our broken political system. Spoiler alert: it’s akin to picking a new pope.

We get to the crux of the problem — and it’s not capitalism. Speaking of survival of the fittest: was Darwin a fraud?

How about the hypocrisy of the marijuana issue between Russia and the US right now?

Stick around till the end: Guido shares his prophetic code to improve the human experience.

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