Spiritual Insights From Egyptian & Tibetan Philosophy | Stephen Altair
Far Out With Faust (FOWF) · 70 minutes ·

Spiritual Insights From Egyptian & Tibetan Philosophy | Stephen Altair

Ancient Egyptian and Tibetan astrology expert, spiritualist, 30 year meditation teacher, and prolific author Stephen Altair beams in for episode 75 of the Far Out with Faust podcast. 

Stephen Altair has an eclectic background. He’s co-founded three educational institutions, a health and lifestyle television channel. He’s spoken and given workshops around the world including the Microsoft conventions on the subject of mindfulness practices and technology.  He’s an author, a music composer, a mystic, and an expert in Vedic Astrology.  He has been writing and teaching meditation techniques for over 30 years. Stephen teaches an ongoing course that blends the soul insights of Ancient Egyptian Astrology, with the mind training, alchemy and psychoanalytic techniques of Shamanic Practices and alchemical awareness training.
Faust and Stephen dive into the cultural differences between living in Japan and the US, and how that’s impacted the response to the pandemic years. They talk about the importance of problem solving, and what happens when we operate from a place of anger versus a more nurturing feeling.

Faust opens up about how his dear friend and mentor taught him a beautiful technique to transform his energy — and helped him learn how to practice gratitude. 

Stephen riffs off the idea, and reveals the secret to end all wars. They discuss the necessity of trust and transparency to any successful system. Can you feel the tide shifting?

We tend to think of our family as being limited to the humans close to us, forgetting the billions of celestial beings who surround us. Hear Stephen’s revelation about how his Christian godmother taught him the secret to tapping into this vast spiritual family. Spoiler alert: he learned to see angels.

Stay tuned as Stephen shares his advice on how to acknowledge and accept our thoughts  and connect to our hearts. This is a simple practice anyone can learn and practice anytime.

Stephen talks about Tibetan sky practice — learn about this incredibly easy and effective ancient technique that dispels negative emotion. 

There’s hard data behind these practices, you can follow the science (for reals) as Stephen shares his brain scans from meditation studies he’s participated in. Psst: DMT may have been involved. The coolest part? We’re all equipped already — biochemically speaking — to access any any and all alternate states of being and bliss. 

Stay till the end to hear Stephen detail his program that focuses on raising the collective vibration. He explains how he immerses students into ancient astrology, along with Egyptian and Tibetan rituals — and how these unexpected experiences can produce profound results. 

Don’t miss his inspiring advice on how to embody your limitless potential every day.

Connect with Stephen Altair
Website: https://www.altairlove.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Stephen-Altair

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