The Secret to Reaching High Performance & Flow State | Lin Fisher
Far Out With Faust (FOWF) · 79 minutes ·

The Secret to Reaching High Performance & Flow State | Lin Fisher

Faust welcomes life force energy coach, metaphysical artist and former Fortune 500 corporate strategist Lin Fisher back for episode 66 of the Far Out with Faust podcast. Fisher dives deep into his stint as an elite performance coach for top athletes and artists, including undefeated top-ranked welterweight boxer Cody Crowley, aka “The Crippler.”

If you’re interested in the secrets to biohacking your way into a flow state and master the “game within the game” as Fisher puts it, you're in the right place. Lin offers advice about how to get your inner artist and your martial artist to come out and play.

We’ll explain how to consciously engineer your way into the zone and draw energy from the field to optimize your performance whether you’re in the ring, on the court, the field, or at the office. Hear Fisher talk about how his patented Cocoon Experience from  @inHarmony Interactive integrates perfectly with  @BrainTap technology pioneered by friend-of-the-podcast  @Dr. Patrick Porter .

Faust and Lin go deep into the importance of recognizing and regulating both your inner archetypes and your shadows, covering topics like:
-Shame in winning
-Imposter syndrome
-Tapping into flow

Did we mention that Canadian boxer Cody Crowley was on the verge of quitting boxing until he met Lin? Stick around to hear the story of when Fisher met Crowley’s parents, and what Crowley says about his performance since tapping into his life force energy with Fisher.

As a boxing enthusiast, Faust has plenty to say about the sweet science hidden within this brutal sport.

What Faust and Fisher have to say about trauma will floor you (hear more on episode 44 with Dr. Don Wood). Spoiler: trauma can be an unbelievably powerful performance motivator — but it’s only temporary. Having a chip on your shoulder will get you started and keep you training but we'll tell you what you need to become the greatest.

Stay tuned till the very end, when the two go far out, talking CE5 contact and Dr. Steven Greer. Faust drops an absolute bombshell about our government’s involvement in extraterrestrial propaganda.

As always: Question the answers!™

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