World’s Youngest Mentalist Will Blow Your Mind | Nevo Abutbul
Far Out With Faust (FOWF) · 66 minutes ·

World’s Youngest Mentalist Will Blow Your Mind | Nevo Abutbul

The world’s youngest mentalist, Nevo Abutbul, shares his mind blowing, psychic thought-reading talents on episode 77 of the Far Out with Faust podcast.

Israeli native Nevo, just 18, rose to prominence as a finalist on Israel’s Got Talent, at the tender age of thirteen. His hero and mentor? None other than the world’s most famous spoon bender and psychic, paranormal phenom Uri Geller.

Faust and Nevo dive into answering all the questions, starting with: What does a mentalist do? According to our guest, it’s 4 main things:
1. Make predictions
2. Read people’s minds
3. Influence people's minds
4. Move objects with their mind (aka telekinesis)

Just when you thought it was going so well, Faust brings in resident skeptic Nick (from the Believers vs. Skeptics series) to challenge Nevo’s “powers.” What happens next is totally mind blowing — tune in to see if Nevo can stump Nick with his numbers game.

If you’re looking for an explanation of how Nevo reads people’s minds, you won’t be disappointed. He also shares his thoughts on
the power of harnessing chi, meditation, and other mind/body connection practices.

Here’s what it boils down to: Is it magic, super powers, or psychology?

Or maybe, says Nevo, there is something more we can’t explain.

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