Ep.7 The Ronnie Leon Interview
So Close So Far · 159 minutes ·

Ep.7 The Ronnie Leon Interview

Growing up in Los Angeles there are many paths you can take. For good and for bad. Those lines can easily become blurred even for the most innocent well intentioned kids growing up. Ronnie Leon has lived an incredible life and walked more of those paths than most, as well survived a few most don't make it back from. A young talented artist turned graffiti writer found himself falling down the road of addiction struggling with heavy drugs and the lifestyle that comes with it. We talk about his amazing road to recovery, making amends with his past, and now as a Hot Shot working in WildLife and Fire in the Angeles Forest as well as an avid trail runner. He's just getting started and his journey in one we feel so fortunate to document and he now owns and is proud of. He's an inspiration to all his lil homies and a leader to those around him now, we hope everyone takes away something from this episode. Enjoy and tap in with Ronnie!

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