FFC002: I Call Shenanigans
Growing Farms Podcast · 58 minutes ·

FFC002: I Call Shenanigans

  1. Scott traveled to Iceland and Denmark
  2. John tailoring FMS to different situations than New England farming
  3. John disliking possessions/responsibilities as it relates to travel
  4. Scott taking stock of possessions while moving, realizing there’s very little
  5. Micromanagement and preventive measures to extend the life of possessions
  6. Having “your name on something” resulting in high standards
  7. Soylent follow-up: John had Soylent, Scott might not rebuy, case closed
  8. John’s getting a root canal, Scott hadn’t been to a dentist in a long while, Dr. Oppenheimer
  9. Mini excavators versus regular ones
  10. Dr. Oppenheimer wants some chickens
  11. We’re not yet very good at segues
  12. John’s still post-meltdown
  13. Recycling doesn’t matter? Sustainable farming doesn’t matter?
  14. Chipotle is great. Scott even had it three meals in a row

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