FFC003: Talking Nonsense
Growing Farms Podcast · 64 minutes ·

FFC003: Talking Nonsense

  1. Scott’s microphone is marginally improved, though slightly robotic
  2. John’s feelin’ good post-meltdown and the farm’s running smoothly
  3. Bears! A bear on the farm
  4. There are B.S. artists out there. Dr. Oz is one. The Food Babe is another
  5. The Food Babe makes some pretty outrageous claims
  6. John gets questions about “chicken hormones” at the market
  7. Among other things, worrying about food trends (e.g. uh oh, eggs are bad for you again) encouraged John to pay closer attention to food
  8. John read a book about how information spreads on the internet, Trust Me I’m Lying by Ryan Holiday
  9. Generating ad revenue from content tends to dilute credibility
  10. A portion of the internet runs on “Google University
  11. John started Food Cyclist Farm as a result of reading about how approachable and profitable farming can be
  12. We think Joel Salatin is great…
  13. … but his is one of the books that paint a rosy picture of farming
  14. Poultry farming was tough, but it resulted in an opportunity to manage Camps Road Farm
  15. The “farming is easy” content seems to mostly homesteading-skewed
  16. Young people getting into farming use the blog posts and books as a means to convince them it’s easily achievable
  17. Call to action: share your story. Share your insights with the farming community
  18. YouTube has become the great source for how-to; a major change from 10 years ago
  19. Hacking/remix culture has been a great way to iteratively improve methods over time

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