How To save The World Farming
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How To save The World Farming

It’s the year 2050. My grown daughter looks me in the eye and asks what I did to help make the world a better place. What do I tell her?

Belief:  What do you believe in?

When you woke up this morning, you got up with at least one core belief - something in your mind that defines how you see the world. Such core beliefs are unshakable, unmovable, and dictate what actions you take on a day-to-day basis.

Commitment: How committed to that belief are you?

When you head for the door, you are going to act out your day based on your belief. That action represents your commitment.

Everyone’s level of commitment will be different, based on the resources they have available. Resources - time, money, energy, experience, land base, manpower, etc. - are different for each of us. Everyone will have advantages to draw on, and disadvantages to face. But we all have at least some resources to commit, which allow us to put our beliefs into action.

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