#2 - Learning faster than most people with John Richardson Part 2 - The Learn Beach Volleyball Fast Podcast
The Learn Beach Volleyball Fast Podcast · 60 minutes ·

#2 - Learning faster than most people with John Richardson Part 2 - The Learn Beach Volleyball Fast Podcast

Are there things one can do to learn sports (whether it's beach volleyball, golf, or something else) faster and more efficiently than the average player/athlete?

John Richardson who succeeded in his one year golf challenge that had critics all over the world telling his goal was flat out impossible and pro players telling him to "dream on", definately thinks there are a lot of things one can optimize to learn sports faster than most. And to be fair, so does Alex who is the creator of the Learn Beach Volleyball Fast project and the host of the Learn Beach Volleyball Fast podcast. Join the second episode of the podcast to listen in on part 2 of a discussion about tons of things that could accelerate also your sports career!

00:00 - Intro

2:04 - The concept of "play practice"

7:23 - Alex's critical consideration if you are serious about getting good at something long term

9:42 - Next level growth mindset

12:48 - Example of huge "failure" (growth mindset)

14:30 - How everyone's path is different and the importance of humbleness to that when teaching

22:24 - Complexity is an antidote to boredom

32:40 - Precision in putting and visualization

35:26 - Variables of success

42:19 - The importance of tracking your progress

45:35 - Risk&reward of big changes and big thinking

Buy John`s books here: (Affiliate disclaimer: Buying anything, these books or something else, from Amazon within 24 hours after clicking one of the links below will financially support the Learn Beach Volleyball Fast-project with no extra cost for you! This means you help this project grow so that you can take part of even more of this type of content in the future with just using these links before buying anything from Amazon that you'd buy anyway.. Win-win?!)

"Dream On: The Challenge to Break Par in a Year" by John Richardson - https://amzn.to/2MViBgo

"50 Greatest Golf Tips: Make That Dream Round a Reality" by John Richardson https://amzn.to/31VwCPw

Another book that was also mentioned in the podcast is "The ONE Thing" by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan which is basically a life/business book about how to get more done in less time. Surprisingly (?!) those same principles also seem to work for learning a sport faster, so this book is also on my recommended reads list! https://amzn.to/2CJjClM

In the podcast episode John talked about his mindmaps around variables of success in golf, cycling and life in general, and that he was happy to share them with listeners. When I had a look at these mindmaps my mind went: "damn this is actually pretty much a life work" (especially the one around life success, which basically is a personal development book rough draft and has clearly taken a LONG time to put together), so I actually almost felt like I'd be stealing someone's life work if I upload it here. So what I've done is contacted John just to double check he actually wants to give it away just to be sure. I believe he will but we might have to add some copyright stuff to it. Anyway, I'll update this description with links etc once we have had a second look at this. Send me a message or write a comment if you are reading this in hopes of finding those mindmaps and got slightly disappointed now and feel I need an extra reminder to hurry up with this, I'll try to get them up as soon as possible!

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