Episode 8 - Red Goldfish, Green Oceans, and Social Good Promotions
Feel Your Impact · 33 minutes ·

Episode 8 - Red Goldfish, Green Oceans, and Social Good Promotions

On this 8th Episode of Feel Your Impact, Mel Lay and Ryan Moor interview Roger Burnett who just published a book called Red Goldfish, Promo Edition. Ryan met Roger over two years ago on his podcast and have worked on several impactful projects since. To give you a little intro to this week's episode, here is the Amazon review Ryan left of this book, it's 5 stars by the way. 

"Say in your head: Sales Rep... Promotional Product... What do you think of? Used cars, cheezy pens, bouncy balls and crappy shirts? In this book, Roger flips that conception on its head providing real-life examples and strategies on how sourcing and selling in the 20+ billion dollar promotional products industry can make the world and the people who care to be a Red Goldfish, better for it!"

To learn more about Roger and/or get a copy of his book, see the links below.





Link to get a signed version of the book

Buy the book on Amazon


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