Black Maternal Health Crisis with Aiyana Davison
Two Feet Apart · 59 minutes ·

Black Maternal Health Crisis with Aiyana Davison

Picture this: Your house is on fire. Just yours. Everything is burning and you can't find your cat. Or your kid. You feel helpless and after calling 911 you are anxiously awaiting the help that you obviously need. You look down the street and realize the firefighters are stopping at every house on the block, checking on your neighbours before coming to help you. You were never looking for special treatment, you just needed the attention to be on the obvious emergency you're experiencing.
THIS is how Black folks feel. In the justice system, within educational facilities, in our medical experiences, and so on. THIS is why we advocate that we matter too.

Join my conversation with Aiyana Davison, Certified Nurse Midwife, while we talk about the black maternal health crisis, the significance of midwifery, how racial background impacts educational opportunities as well as treatment in health care and more.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, this episode was recorded remotely. Audio quality may differ between speakers.

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Book mentioned: Single on Purpose by John Kim ('The Angry Therapist')

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