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Angela Bowen here, the host of Oh Mylanta Holy Chalupas: An Unofficial Full House Fuller House Podcast.

Today, I covered the final Free Willy Movie in the trilogy, Free Willy 3: The Rescue.

My least favorite of the three movies. I make this fact know throughout this review. IMO this movie did NOT have to be made.


16-year-old Jesse and old friend Randolph try to foil an illegal whaler threatening Willy and his pregnant mate.

Couldn't stand Max, the 10 year old stand in for Elvis, Jesse's half brother. He was annoying, so much so I wish we had gotten Elvis back. Maybe he improved in the two years since Free Willy 2. Who am I kidding? I highly doubt that.

Drew(Randolph's boss?) I'm guessing is a stand in for Ray from the first movie. She makes it clear she can't stand Jesse (maybe cause he's 16) or she's just thinks this kid's a know-it-all even though he hasn't went to college and doesn't have a degree in marine biology.

I feel we spend too much time on Max and his Dad (the whaler/enemy of the movie)I don't really care about their relationship. Not enough time spent with Willy and his girlfriend/mate/soon to be wife/SPOILIER Baby Mama.

Jesse's harmonica call to Willy VS. Max's squeaky finger rubbing on the side of a boat call to Willy.

HANDS DOWN: Jesse's harmonica call for the WIN!

I found it hard to believe that Willy formed a bond with Max at all, what just because he has issues with his Dad. First hero worship because he thinks his Dad hunts salmon when in reality he hunts killer whales and sells the meat to international black market, Norway, Japan and Sweden.
Max makes it his mission to turn his Dad into a lover of fish instead of a fisher killer.

Will he succeed?

Listen to find out, or if you've seen the movie, you already know.

Have a great week everyone!

I hope you enjoy the review at least to some degree!

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