Full House: S3E21: Just Say No Way (The SERIOUS Episodes Series)

Full House: S3E21: Just Say No Way (The SERIOUS Episodes Series)

Happy Full House Friday Everyone,

Angela Bowen here, the host of Oh Mylanta Holy Chalupas: An Unofficial Full House Fuller House Podcast.

Today, I kick off my new series The SERIOUS Episodes Series, with Full House S3E21: Just Say No Way, which aired on March 30, 1990.

In this episode It's a big blow for D.J. when she catches her boyfriend Kevin experimenting with booze at a dance - and an even bigger blow when Jesse wrathfully accuses her of same.

This was such a powerful episode, powerfully acted and a powerful message.

I really thought Jesse and Danny but especially Jesse were way out of line when it came to handling DJ and the beer situation.

Neither one of them was willing to listen to DJ and hear her side of the situation and neither of them asked to smell her breath to see if she actually drank the beer, they just assumed because Jesse caught her with a can of beer in her hand and Danny was going based on Jesse's hearsay and that fact that DJ's clothes smelled like alcohol.

She even said "someone spilled it on me, really".

Danny just sent her to her room without hearing her explanation.

I feel Candace (DJ) did an amazing job with the emotional scene of breaking down at being misjudged by her Dad and Uncle Jesse.

I love how Stephanie comforted DJ and believed her right off the bat because she knows her sister enough to know if she were lying and she definitely wasn't.

This is also the last time we Kevin (DJ's boyfriend/love interest).

Join me next week when I cover the next episode in the SERIOUS Episodes Series, Full House S4E8: Shape Up, which aired on November 9, 1990.

In this episode In light of Kimmy's upcoming pool party, DJ begins a crash diet and overexerts herself exercising. When Stephanie notices the problem, DJ swears her to secrecy, but the secret is out when DJ collapses during a family outing to the gym.

I hope you all enjoy the episode!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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