Catherine Knight Steele on Black Feminist Extensions of Grace
Imagine Otherwise by Ideas on Fire · 23 minutes ·

Catherine Knight Steele on Black Feminist Extensions of Grace

Host Cathy Hannabach interviews digital studies scholar and professor Catherine Knight Steele, whose work reveals the central role Black women and Black feminists have played in developing, challenging, and transforming our digital technologies.

Approaching Black digital studies holistically, Catherine shows how marginalized groups build lasting community through online, in-person, and hybrid practices, including sustainable models for mentorship and mutual support.

In their conversation, Catherine and Cathy chat about why extensions of grace and collaboration are so crucial to building the future of Black digital studies as well as a supportive world more broadly.

They also explore the nonlinear paths that bring us to our areas of research and how learning to value that nonlinerarity can often be the key to writing a book or creating a project that feeds your soul, not just professional requirements.

Finally, they close out the episode with Catherine’s techniques for redefining the history and future of technology in ways that place Black women at the very center.

Transcript and show notes:

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