Meredith D. Clark on Adapting Plans to Where You’re At
Imagine Otherwise by Ideas on Fire · 27 minutes ·

Meredith D. Clark on Adapting Plans to Where You’re At

Even our best-laid plans go awry sometimes and require us to adjust on the fly. Whether it’s throwing out our timeline for publication or experimenting with a new teaching technique, adapting our plans to meet the changing world is a crucial part of any interdisciplinary project. But how can we make sure our plan adjustments serve our collective political and ethical goals?

To help us think through this question, in episode 126 of Imagine Otherwise, host Cathy Hannabach interviews journalist, media scholar, and fellow planning enthusiast Meredith D. Clark, whose research examines the role Black Twitter plays in social and political resistance.

In the conversation, Meredith and Cathy discuss how she developed a new way of planning during the pandemic and the tools that she uses to create consistency and support mental health. They also dive into why being open to failure and experimentation is crucial to a successful career shift and why building a world in which everyone has enough is how Meredith imagine otherwise.

Transcript and show notes:

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