151. The Primal Path- Jon Tyson- Kindling Fire with Troy Mangum
Kindling Fire with Troy Mangum · 38 minutes ·

151. The Primal Path- Jon Tyson- Kindling Fire with Troy Mangum

The primal path is the journey a boy takes into manhood. Jon Tyson @jontyson- writer, church thought leader, & pastor has provided a roadmap toward masculinity that fathers and mentors can use

On this podcast we discuss
- How previous books on topic fell short of providing a laid out multi-year path for boys to come into Godly masculinity
- How tapping into ancestral & spiritual family history can be a powerful for young men
- How to move from general training on manhood to specifics based on your sacred story with God

Jon just released a book helping men initiate their sons called:
“The Intentional Father: A Practical Guide to Raise Sons of Courage and Character”

For more information go to:

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