Wheel Of Bongs - Connie And Fish Podcast (11-19-20)
Fish With Friends · 92 minutes ·

Wheel Of Bongs - Connie And Fish Podcast (11-19-20)

We learned a couple of fun facts about Christine today on the show. (If you are out of the loop, Christine is filling in for Connie who has stage 4 cancer and is currently at home receiving treatment.) We learned that Christine loves Wheel of Fortune and we learned that Christine has a huge bong she rips off of while she watches the show. So, we had to talk with her about something crazy that happened on Monday's episode. Also on the show, we asked the Click of Six for help with a mother whose kid only eats chicken nuggets, we asked you to share a regret you had for the Text Question of the Day, and we tease a brand new Miley Cyrus song coming on Friday. All of that and much more on today's show!

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