Our Thoughts on Influencers, Revolve Fest, and Social Media
Already Friends · 58 minutes ·

Our Thoughts on Influencers, Revolve Fest, and Social Media

Are people over influencers? Is it worth quitting your 9-5 to become an influencer? Why do we admire certain individuals over others? Are we sick of seeing advertisements on every social media platform? Should you meet your heroes? What downsides are there to growing a huge following?

There’s so much to discuss when it comes to influencer culture that we could have gone on for hours! We talk about the psychology of why we value influencers' opinions, problems within the world of brand partnerships, how accountable influencers should be for promoting products and experiences, what their lives might really look like behind the scenes and how the scene is continuously changing. 

We also finally got a chance to catch up on what we’ve been up to! Allison has been spending a lot of time outside - walking, hiking and picnics in the countryside. Ceara is back from three weekends in Palm Springs after attending Revolve Festival, Coachella Weekend 2 and a big shoot for Beautiful Destinations. 

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