A Podcast Listener Interviews Anna About Business and Motherhood
The Classy Career Girl Podcast · 34 minutes ·

A Podcast Listener Interviews Anna About Business and Motherhood

Welcome to the Classy Career Girl podcast!! Today we are doing something a little different. Today we have a special guest, It’s a podcast listener just like you who is going to ask me a bunch of her burning questions! 

SO let’s give a big welcome to Megan Meyer who is interviewing me today! Megan is a winner of a little contest we had a few months ago for people who left reviews of our podcast. Thank you to everyone who entered and left a review of our podcast on iTunes or wherever you listen from. I really do appreciate it and I read every one. 

So a big Welcome to Megan!

So Megan tell us a little bit about you and some background of your career situation so that I can help you as much as possible during our time together today.

Thank you everyone for listening and remember to leave a review on iTunes for a chance to ask me your questions on the podcast too!

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