We gained fat! With Coach Vanessa and Coach Kat
Girl Fit Method Podcast · 33 minutes · 7 months ago

We gained fat! With Coach Vanessa and Coach Kat

On today’s episode of the podcast, I hang out with my two favourite people, head coach Vanessa and coach Kat. We share candidly our experience with reverse dieting and how it resulted in fat gain for each and every one of us.

Fat gain is sold to us as THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD to happen to a female however I don’t agree. Sometimes it's necessary, although hard to accept, you will hear how through our experience of gaining fat, Vanessa, Kat, and myself all improve our mindsets and physique.

This is an episode NOT to miss. Also, please make sure to leave us a review and a five-star rating, it helps more than you know!

Find head coach Vanessa here and coach Kat here

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