04. When is the right time to start pitching?
Go Pitch Yourself · 26 minutes ·

04. When is the right time to start pitching?

Are you wondering when the right time is to start pitching yourself? Or are you waiting until you have the perfect brand and website, with an army of thousands of followers? Well, in this episode I'll tell you the things you need to have lined up before you get started. And, I share the things you shouldn't worry about at all!

Topics covered include:

  • When pitching yourself for podcast opportunities might not the best use of your time
  • Pitching for visibility CAN be a long game, so don’t bank on it being a quick fix for your business
  • The things you need to have in place before you begin - including a consistent brand and a clear way to convert people who are interested in you and your business
  • The importance of leading with your expertise and the value you can bring to audiences
  • Why perfection isn't essential!

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

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