PRE-MORTEM with John Crawley

PRE-MORTEM with John Crawley

  • 1:04 - What are pre-mortems and post-mortems and where did they come from?
  • 4:05 - John’s thoughts on what the most important principles coaches should understand or learn before implementing pre-mortem exercises.
  • 9:38 - Given the maturity needed to properly execute pre-mortem exercises, at what age group can be considered the starting point or cutoff at which these exercises can begin to be implemented?
  • 13:50 - How can coaches tell when players have developed a strong relationship with their teammates and reached a point of maturity where pre-mortem exercises can be implemented?
  • 16:40 - Should pre-mortems be changed or implemented in a different way based on the skill or success of teams?
  • 19:14 - How to encourage players to open up to coaches and their teammates and communicate their feelings and thoughts freely.
  • 25:54 - How to determine which idea should be prioritized among the others
  • 29:03 - Have there been common themes that emerge when implementing pre-mortem exercises across different sports?
  • 33:22 - After identifying the initial issue or focus, what is the next step to be taken?
    • Using the A-Team and the problem of humidity when competing as the example
  • 39:30 - What kind of changes did John Mayer’s implementation of pre-mortem exercises make by the end of the season?
  • 43:18 - John’s book recommendations for coaches.


Coach Your Brains Out: The Art and Science of Coaching Volleyball

The Inner Knight: Train and Compete Like a Champion

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