Good Robot Nurse Bad Patient Nurse
Good Nurse Bad Nurse · 57 minutes ·

Good Robot Nurse Bad Patient Nurse

This week Tina is once again joined by Tom with Just Some Podcast for Advanced Practitioners. Together they tell you the tragic story of a shooting that took place at a plastic surgeon's office in 1997. On July 3, 1997, Dr. Michael Tavis and his office manager Kay Carter were gunned down in cold blood when they arrived to work that morning. Investigators would have to sift through multiple patients who had sued Dr. Tavis for negligence and malpractice in order to find the person who committed this heinous crime. 

They close the show with a first on Good Nurse Bad Nurse...a robot nurse. Before you get too upset about how that sounds, the company has no intention of replacing humans with robots, but it does seem to offer some relief to overworked nurses and understaffed units. 

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