We Are Not Useful Idiots!
Turning Hard Times into Good Times · 57 minutes ·

We Are Not Useful Idiots!

David Stockman and Michael Oliver return. As Dr. Yuri Maltsev noted last week, societies that believe citizens have no sovereign rights but rather are slaves of the state tend to engage in propaganda to keep their subjects obedient and in line with the wishes of the ruling lords. David will share research covered in his recent article titled “We are Not Useful Idiots!” that reveals a much more complex story of the Ukraine than the Washington narrative is providing. Washington claims to be much more concerned about the borders of the Ukraine than those of the southern U.S. border. How does that work? We will ask David to give a grade to the religious practitioners of Keynesian economics and based on that, where he thinks our major markets are headed. Michael who has continued to provide excellent guidance regarding the precious metals markets will share his latest momentum and structural model results for gold and silver and several other key markets and help us understand how various market sectors are driving one another.

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