A Conversation with Adam Balfour
Great Women in Compliance · 35 minutes ·

A Conversation with Adam Balfour

Welcome to the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, co-hosted by Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley. 
Adam Balfour is known as a "GGIC" - a great guy in compliance, and he is also Vice President and General Counsel for Corporate Compliance and Vice President for Global Risk Management at Bridgestone America. Initially from Scotland, Adam has supported diversity throughout his career, and recognizes the importance of different viewpoints as part of analyzing risk.
Adam has become known for a number of things, including his "Sunday Morning Compliance Tip," which is on LinkedIn every week, and now being published by Corporate Compliance Insights.  Lisa and Adam talk about how this passion project has grown and how a community has evolved around it. They also discuss how projects like these can enhance your professional career as well as the opportunities they can provide for people to build their networks and experiences.
Anothing thing Adam is known for is the philosophy of "ethics and compliance for humans," and he explains this idea and how it applies to how he builds a program. He is also a strong advocate for women; a dad to 3 girls and one son, so he shares his advice for them.
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