Cindy Morrison-Part 2, Espousing the Four Agreements
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Cindy Morrison-Part 2, Espousing the Four Agreements

Welcome to the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, co-hosted by Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley. In this Part 2 of a special two-part episode, Mary Shirley begins a conversation with Cindy Morrison. Cindy is the Director of Compliance at Post Holdings, Inc.
Mary and Cindy re-unite after their first episode in this two-part series to discuss an infliction suffered across both genders – that of Imposter Syndrome. Cindy shares her own thoughts and experiences when suffering self-doubt or a crisis of confidence.
Cindy also addresses the resources that she uses to keep up knowledge for her own professional development, despite many years as a Compliance practitioner and some examples of readings and conferences she has recommended to her boss who is new to Corporate Compliance.
A resource that has had a profound professional and personal impact on Cindy is the book “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz and she shares some of the main takeaways of this book for her. Cindy’s enthusiasm for the book was so contagious that Mary immediately ordered a copy for herself after the two had breakfast together recently and Cindy mentioned how life changing it had been for her.
We round out the episode with a request from Mary to the listeners of the Great Women in Compliance Podcast to show solidarity and support to those working around us in the hope that it will have a positive effect, particularly for those who might be battling with Imposter Syndrome.
Cindy also shares her journey getting to her current position, having started out as a paralegal.
She goes on to discuss how her passion for Compliance goes beyond her 9-5 job as one of the organizers of a community of Compliance professionals in the St Louis area and gives tip on how to make such group get togethers work for listeners interested in establishing their own local networks of Compliance meetings with colleagues from neighboring companies.
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