Self-care in the Time of Climate Crisis
Brown Girl Green · 34 minutes ·

Self-care in the Time of Climate Crisis

In this episode of Brown Girl Green, we are joined with Brittney Enin, Founder and Executive Self-Care Consultant & Radiator of Black Sunshine as we talk about the importance of “self-care.”

It is expected that the climate crisis has and will continue to have a detrimental impact on public health, particularly on society’s mental health. As the news likes to convince us that the world is falling apart (and in some ways it is), how are we going to take care of ourselves and each other? Self-care is a form of deep activism, as we are radically defining what it means to adapt and care for ourselves and others in challenging environmental conditions.

We cover:

  • Why self-care is a necessity, not just a luxury (and it doesn’t have to be expensive, i.e. setting boundaries is FREE!)

  • Methods to embracing a self-care journey and to unlearn that your self-care doesn’t matter

  • How to practice reciprocity: learning how to give and take when you are naming your needs

  • Why people of color, in particular, should not feel guilty for reclaiming self-care as an act of survival

Highlights: “You need to start naming and legitimizing the forces that make you feel so tired”

“The world needs to see women of color in their full range of emotions”

“Depending on your place on society you internalize certain things as normal../ things that I used to think were ways of communicating [about these things] were actually really oppressive”

“We can hold our oppression and our privilege at the same time, it’s when people don’t do that, that we are in trouble”

You can connect with Brittney at, @slfcareconsult

Or follow her as @nerdqween on Instagram

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