04 ~ Who are you again?
Mandarin From the Ground Up · 12 minutes ·

04 ~ Who are you again?

The contents of this episode are pretty standard fare for a language learner, or anyone else for that matter: What's your name? Nice to meet you. Do you have an English name? But hidden in the sentences are a handful of extremely useful vocabulary.

A note about pronunciation: The vocabulary list below includes the Chinese characters and the pinyin romanization system. The advantage of pinyin for English speakers is that it uses the familiar symbols of the Latin alphabet. The disadvantage is that English speakers are easily deceived into thinking these familiar symbols represent the same sounds they do in English. They don't. That said, pinyin can be a useful system to learn, but you must rely on your ears first, eyes second

Don't expect to be able to pronounce anything just by reading the pinyin; the romanization is just a reference to jog your memory. the language exists primarily in its sounds, which is why daily listening and imitation practice is so important. 

Episode vocabulary:
叫 ---------- jiào ------------------ to call, to be called
什麼 ------- shénme -------------- what

名字 ------- míngzì --------------- name

高興 ------- gāoxìng -------------- happy

認識 ------- rènshí ---------------- to know (someone)
有 --------- yǒu ------------------- to have
英文 ------- yīngwén -------------- English
中文  ------ zhōngwén ------------ Mandarin
跟 --------- gēn ------------------- with/and
和 --------- hé -------------------- and/with

一樣 ------- yīyàng ---------------- the same ("one kind")
很像 ------- hěn xiàng ------------- similar

About the text: Teaching Chinese characters is outside the scope of this podcast, and learning characters isn't something that should get in the way of starting to speak the language. However, if you are learning the characters already or are interested in doing so, the dialogue text below can be a useful visual aid while listening to the lesson.

Episode text:












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