To Shoot Your Shot Or Not Part 2: The Male Perspective
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To Shoot Your Shot Or Not Part 2: The Male Perspective

We are back with part 2 of our “Shoot your Shot” series. We needed the male perspective so we invited the multitalented Comedian, and fellow Houstonian, Canice Nnanna to join us. He dropped more than a few hilarious gems and put everything into perspective. So ladies, in the words of @canice100k- stop being afraid of rejection at your big age and shoot your shot. As always, Thanks for the support and don't forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube @thegroupchatfive

Episode Breakdown

Intro of comedian extraordinaire @canice100k- .35 That one time Jen got curved.... hard- 5:00 Ladies, complimenting is key- 9:35 Toni B.’s Hot Topics- 14:18 Canice answers should women shoot their shot- 29:14 At your big age, rejection is irrelevant- 34:20 Should women propose- 41:20 That one time Canice got sneak fucked- 43:01 Update on our shoot your shot progress- 50:50 Keep that devil dick away from us- 1:01:48

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