Barb grew up with a lot of positive reinforcement despite having a father struggling with alcoholism and a mother who worked a lot. When she realized she was gay at 17, Barb felt the stigma that so many others like her did in the 90's.

The Vancouver rave scene is where Barb felt at home. Or at least it was what she thought home should feel like.

Weed quickly turned to MDMA and before long she was snorting meth and stealing from family to get her fix. When she considered not going to school to keep living the life, but by the grace of God, she realized that the party was over.

Time to make a decision.

Tune in this week and listen to Dr. Fornssler #takeofftheblinders around what she did to redirect her life and how she become the advocating powerhouse that she is today right here, on Hard Knox Talks. Buckle up!

Gratefully sponsored by:

Prairie Sky Recovery Center

The Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Misuse (Prairie Node)

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