#347 (Recap): Keep Your “Well, Actuallys” To Yourself
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#347 (Recap): Keep Your “Well, Actuallys” To Yourself

The newly minted LRB coven of Meredith, Hillary, and Ann Come Together in this episode to cast some spells against the Patriarchy, hex the current political power players, and direct our evil eye toward Michael Pollan and Gwyneth Paltrow. (By the by, Luke, we tend to dislike her for reasons other than that she’s “perfect” and has a good relationship with her ex-husband.) It was kind of a rough week of TBTL, so we have a lot to break down, including whether it’s rude to wear earbuds in a ride share, podcasts as exploitative entertainment vs. worthwhile journalism, the pitfalls of complimenting a woman, and the awful business of collegiate athletics. Plus, burgeoning sympathy for Luke’s educational deficiencies, Andrew’s encroaching old man grumpiness, the three most terrifying words in the workplace, and the parenting cycle continues.

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